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MyLife is an Australian owned and operated business providing specialised financial services to its clients.
When our clients think of MyLife, they think of:
  • IntegrityMyLife operations are based upon high moral and ethical standards
  • Confidence – Clients are able to trust with confidence the direction in which they are headed
  • Hope – Trust and confidence builds hope for a brighter future
  • Freedom – Freedom from financial cares and worries
"We set people free!"
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FPA promotion

MyLife Financial Planning is proud to be an approved FPA Professional Practice – the symbol of professional financial planning in our community.

As an FPA Professional Practice we comply with the highest ethical and professional standards set by the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

We have met their strict and rigorous eligibility and ongoing commitment criteria, including having a high proportion of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioners - the highest standard of achievement for financial planners in the world.

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