A Bit About Us

MyLife ® is an investment advisory boutique. We are a private investment office that offers bespoke strategies for people who know that their money should be working for them. The business is the vision of our founder David Strybosch. Based on over 25 years of insight and experience as a family office specialist, investment adviser, and Certified Financial Planner ®, David enjoys working with families, individuals and institutions, in Australia and globally, to empower them financially.

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Our Services

Wealth Preservation and Creation Strategies

Investment Management – Access to more sophisticated investments

Risk Management – Insurance planning for life, disability, long-term care, etc.

Tax Planning – Strategies to minimise income, capital gains and estate taxes.

Generational Wealth Transfer – Trusts and estate planning vehicles to transfer wealth to heirs while minimizing taxes


Invest with Vision. Connecting sophisticated investors with innovative start-ups.

Transforming the lives of patients with a safe, secure, sustainable supply of therapeutic plasma products Aegros is Latin for patient. Every day we strive to place the patient first by providing therapeutic plasma products they would not otherwise be able to access. At Aegros we believe access to life saving therapeutic plasma drugs is a human right and not a privilege.

ipRenewal is an inexpensive, reliable intellectual property renewal payment service firm located in Canterbury Victoria, Australia with professional team and online system for monitoring and timely management of renewals of your intellectual property rights. ipRenewal’s services are conveniently accessible through registration, enabling users to request renewals online easily. Leveraging our online system, global reach, and efficient management processes, we provide competitive pricing, streamlined automation, and a user-friendly experience to registered clients in Australia and international jurisdictions.

When you think of the best way to help a not-for-profit or charity, you will usually land on assisting financially by giving a donation. This means that not-for-profit organisations have to reply on donation to stay financially viable. They do not have any form of continuous & regular reliable income because of this often, not-for-profit organisation struggle to remain open and in some case close down. Leaving those in need without support. This is only going to get worse as the economic situation in Australia become tougher. With the increase in interest rates & inflation many Australians currently have less disposable income than previous years. Which often results in lower or smaller donations.

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